Notes From the Dungeon

One of my clients recently said “I can’t believe I pay you to be mean to me, it’s like you’re my financial dominatrix.” I laughed A LOT and then went down a rabbit hole on the topic (I do NOT recommend that). 

But  that got me thinking about why people come to me in the first place. It’s not because your books are in GREAT SHAPE. So when we start to do the work, you may think I’m being mean, but I’m really just being honest, and while it may be tough to hear, let’s just save ourselves the trouble of arguing and let me do what I do — which is whip your financials into shape. 

Let’s imagine, shall we?

You arrive at my virtual door and you knock, perhaps sheepishly. We start our session and you tell me all your darkest secrets… you have no idea how much money you make or why your margins keep declining or even worse, you’re running out of cash. And then my work begins. But as I poke and prod, you start to sweat, your face gets a little red and you get increasingly more uncomfortable. 

But you didn’t come here to be comfortable. Or for validation. You’re here because you need help and I am the person that can help you. It might hurt a little, but you’re going to come out the other side in a much better place. So try to hang on to that knowledge while I’m holding my proverbial whip.

Do your books need to be whipped into shape? Let’s talk.

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