Podcast: Listen to Jennifer on LEVEL UP – A Financially Driven Business Strategy

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Not everyone is born with a love for numbers or a knack for people. Jennifer Yousem, however, has both—and she has been using this unique combination to help business owners build stronger financial strategies for more than 22 years. Jennifer understands that a business’ financial health is its lifeline to moving forward in any industry. That’s why it’s her mission to guide visionaries on their journey to million-dollar success.

To learn how to achieve the next level in your business, tune in to this episode of Level Up with host Nick Araco and his guest, Jennifer Yousem, the Founder of I Heart EBITDA. Jennifer discusses her early career in finance, her advice on talent and client acquisition, and the power of an effective financial strategy. Jennifer also shares the forward-thinking mindset behind her business success, and how she is helping other business owners level up!

Listen to the podcast.

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