About I Heart EBITDA

When you hire I Heart EBITDA, you’re hiring me — Jennifer Yousem

You need to understand your business’s finances — I’m here to make that simple. For many business owners, finance is your least favorite part about running the company. But it’s the biggest factor to make sure your business is successful.

But let’s be clear — I’m an outsourced CFO, I am not a magician, salesperson, or your mother.

I can’t drive more revenue, and I can’t get you to stop spending,  but there’s a lot I can do for your business if you are willing. I CAN help you identify what drives the most revenue and I CAN tell you where you’re spending too much and identify a framework for thinking about spending. You need to understand your business’s order to cash cycle — something I can teach you and implement procedures around.

Is finance my passion, or am I just really good at it?

I’ve been in finance for over two decades. Everyone in finance says they’re passionate about it. Know how many are actually good at it? I can probably count them on one-hand. And I have one-finger for the rest of them.

Throughout my working life I have gravitated towards finance because numbers just make sense to me. Even back when I was in retail, I was just better at closing the books at the end of the day. It came naturally to me. I knew if finance came this easy to me I could make any business owner understand.

I’ve worked for countless CEOs at corporate powerhouses like Sony, Paramount, Complex, and DailyMail. Through forecasting and simplifying the numbers, I helped them make better business decisions because they were more informed.

My company, I Heart EBITDA, believes in simplifying what others have overcomplicated. What you make, minus what you spend, equals your profit. I want business owners to get the support they deserve.

My Vision

Every business is entitled and should have access to CFO level expertise. It’s not just for big companies.

My Values

  • I keep it real

    All businesses are the same when it comes to finance
  • I keep it simple

    Finance has become overly complicated with acronyms and jargon
  • I keep you accountable

    Processes only work if you follow them
  • I keep it accessible

    Every business should have someone managing their finances


“I just want to take a moment to acknowledge how much better our company is doing as a result of the model you put together with all the associated thought, workflow with QuickBooks, and more. It is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Scott Weitz, Founder & CEO Driver Studios