Podcast: Listen to Jennifer on Craft of Consulting – Getting Your Consulting Business Finances Right

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Click the image to listen to the podcast.

Click the image to listen to the podcast.

You should never wonder how your consulting business is doing financially.  In this episode, we talked about:

  • Understanding EBITDA and why it matters for your consulting business’ bottom line

  • Having a framework to better value your time and focus on value-pricing yourself correctly

  • Looking at your operating expenses as a baseline for your consulting business

  • Avoiding pushing for volume to get revenues up

  • Productizing your business and outsourcing to give you more time back

  • Hiding bad processes with profit

  • Having the agency and intel to pick your clients in a way that serves your business and bottom line

  • Knowing your metrics to develop best-case, base-case, and worst-case scenario financial plans

  • Layering in best-case scenario “what ifs” for what your business can look like

  • Using payment models and credit lines to help you with cashflow

  • Getting paid when clients don’t pay you

  • Defining key performance indicators that will help know what’s happening with your finances and make deliberate decisions

  • Embracing the difference between a signed contract and getting the revenue in your account

  • Automating to ease payment

  • Not letting your canary die

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